By Phil Olson

Audition dates:  October 2nd and 3rd 

Location: Armour Street Theatre, 307 Armour St. in Davidson

Audition Time: 7:00 pm

No appointment needed. Only need to attend one audition date.

Director-Stuart Jonap

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Please bring a recent headshot, a list of conflicts from the October thru December time frame, and a resume to the audition.

Performance dates: November 30 – Dec 17 at Armour Street Theatre


A Nice Family Gathering is a story about a man who loved his wife so much, he almost told her. It’s Christmas Day and the first family gathering at the Lundeen household since the Patriarch died. At the gathering, Dad comes back as a ghost with a mission; to tell his wife he loved her, something he neglected to tell her while he was alive. After all, they were only married for 41 years. The problem is, she can’t hear or see him. The trouble begins when Mom invites a date for dinner.



Dad: (60’s) He is recently deceased and is coming back as a ghost to deliver a message to his wife. He can only be seen by his son Carl. Sharp witted, comedic timing, some physical comedy.

Mom: (60’s) Grandmotherly type, sweet and still grieving her husband. She has some memory lapses that the rest of the family worries about but it’s all in good fun.

Carl: (early 30’s) Younger son. He is the only person who can see and communicate with Dad. He dreams of being a writer but has to drive a truck to earn a living. He has a strained relationship with Dad because Dad always favored Michael.

Michael: (late 30’s) Older son. He is a physician (as was his Dad) and is a workaholic. He favors the finer things in life. He and wife Jill are trying desperately to have a baby.

Stacy: (late 20’s) Youngest child. She is often neglected and is somewhat subdued but she has a secret that will be a huge surprise to the rest of the family.

Jill: (late 20’s-early 30’s) Michael’s wife. An emotional wreck due mainly to the fertility drugs she is taking. Crying one minute, laughing the next.

Jerry: (60’s) Mom’s invited guest to Christmas dinner. Dad’s former golfing buddy. He is constantly cracking jokes that only he laughs at.